How the Floqque Did We Get Here?  TL;DR 🙂

My stories are big because my ideas are big! I am an extremely transparent visionary because I believe that sharing experiences helps us all get better at what we do. I give a lot of background to help other entrepreneurs find relatable tidbits that help them move along their own journey. I know that we’re all crazy busy, and not everyone wants the nitty gritty details. If you want to know how I got here, but don’t have time to read the full story, here’s the TL;DR version:

  • I’m a busy but highly social person. I’m usually the organizer of fun events with friends, which almost always includes dinner before or after an activity.
  • I can’t stand the work it takes to make restaurant reservations when I can even find a restaurant that takes them.
  • During the pandemic, I had to wait in a crazy long line for a haircut, and it made me realize that virtual queuing needs to be updated for the 21st century with arrival verification tools. I felt that this would solve both my haircut waiting problem and my restaurant booking problem.
  • While noodling the problem of uncertain wait times, long lines, and the inability to make reservations, I landed on the concept of flow. Providers need people to show up when they say they will, and customers need providers to serve them when they say they will.
  • I determined that curbside pickup technology and Proximity-based scheduling could coordinate customers and providers for better certainty in customer arrival and delivery of service.
  • I combined the words Flow and Queue to make Floqque, and from there I’m developing several patent-issued or patent-pending systems to help scheduling system developers, service providers, and customers achieve better flow and better service experiences.
  • I want to talk to decision-makers in the service industry who understand how this powerful technology will usher in a whole new era of service. If you’re a scheduling system developer or a service provider, tap on my contact button to schedule a meeting!

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