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Why a Technology Assessment is an Important Investment for Your Business

Strategy Session for your Business

When beginning to work with a new client, I want to precisely understand how I can best help them reach their software licensing goals. The best way for me to achieve this is to perform a technology assessment. This assessment allows me to identify and define the benefits that working together can offer you and your business.

Strategy or sales?

Many companies ask you to pay for such a technology assessment. You’ve probably said to yourself, “isn’t this like asking me to pay for a sales pitch?”

Well, no, it’s far more than a sales pitch if the assessment is done correctly. The result should be a map, a specific guide to success in meeting your personal goals. It’s a plan that positions you for immediate progress, and as such, it’s extremely valuable. It also serves as a shortcut to a successful outcome.

During a technology assessment, you are talking to an expert, someone who is skilled in asking the right questions to get to the root of your needs and desires. He or she will use a proven set of techniques, like The Five Whys, to identify the core foundational problem you are trying to solve. This expert knows the best questions to ask to frame up what you need for your business or professional growth.

This expert will also be keenly aware of potential pitfalls and can help you understand what to expect along the way. They will know best practices and help you create a roadmap detailing your path to success.

At the end of the technology assessment, whether you decide to work with the expert’s company or not, you will gain a tremendously valuable instrument (your roadmap) to guide you in moving your business forward. Isn’t that well worth the investment?

But... a word of caution!

Some companies already offer “technology assessments,” so it is best to do some comparative shopping before buying

A solid technology assessment is comprised of specific elements:

  • A clear and organized format.
  • Stated goals that each party aims to achieve during the session.
  • A way to help you understand the process and how the company works with clients.
  • A method to help the company understand your needs and goals.
  • A deliverable at the end of the session to take away and use as you wish.

At SoftwareKey, I often conduct technology assessments for potential customers. Since I devote time and expertise to this service (and time is always in short supply, it seems!), we make sure our customers know exactly what to expect from these sessions. If they choose to partner with us for their software licensing needs, that’s great! But even if we never hear from them again, we know they are far better educated about licensing processes and have a much greater appreciation for their situation’s best options. 

That is why a technology assessment is a highly valuable investment in your business. Though it might cost a bit, I hope this post has shown you why the investment is worthwhile for your business.

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