About Mike Wozniak

I got my start as a software innovator over 30 years ago (1988!) with a program that helped radio stations organize their playlists.

From the very beginning, I was motivated to design software that made businesses more effective and efficient.

That first spark of innovation also kindled my entrepreneurial spirit. I saw the potential for my product’s demand as a tool for program managers, but I also saw how easily it could be copied throughout a broadcasting group.

I needed to protect the integrity of this disruptive software! I began licensing my software for commercial use and suddenly had other developers asking me if I could also protect their software.  I realized my niche was this innovative product activation and licensing solution.

I founded SoftwareKey.com to help companies optimize the value of their products with software product activation and licensing.

This technology gives my clients confidence to keep creating because their ideas will be protected. My clients know they can present me with complex ideas and that I will develop new systems to meet their needs.

I innovate for the innovators so that together, we can revolutionize digital solutions.

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My experience in how technology interacts with the world gives me a unique perspective. I possess a strong background in systems and processes and take an ownership approach to what my clients want to achieve and the challenges they face.

That experience and perspective has led me to see how service-based industries are now being challenged to achieve high customer satisfaction in quality and timely service while operating on slim profit margins with volatile resources.

In an effort to innovate solutions that will allow the service industry to maximize effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability, I identified the missing link in customer flow management.

I am developing EnRoute™, a patented Predictive Queuing Platform that can turn every reservation, booking, and appointment software system into a precision arrival management system. EnRoute™ by Floqque will transform the service model for every business and provider operating on a schedule with real time arrival and queuing management.

All my best,

I help businesses find creative ways to use technology to maximize Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Profitability.

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