Everyone needs a little help now and then. There are tasks around the home or office that require a bit of technical expertise. There are

TaskRabbit: Gig Work for Mundane Tasks?

​Clients, friends and employees know me to have an arsenal of tech tools at my disposal.Are you struggling to create video content because it’s difficult

AppSumo: Discover and Explore SaaS Applications Risk Free

I have written previously about how much I enjoy using the app Marco Polo, and how it has changed the way I communicate with friends

5 Ways to Use Marco Polo for Business

A couple of weeks after getting back from vacation with one of my good friends, I was surprised to hear that she broke up with

Blame it on The Pattern

I know you probably have wine openers at home, but have you ever tried using a needle wine opener? Having a glass (or three) of

Would you rather use a regular corkscrew or a needle wine opener?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) used to manage and deploy website content.  It is well known for its simplicity and modifiability.  While

Creating a THRIVE-ing WordPress Website

Out of all of the many favorite tools I want to share, I chose to blog about my favorite tool for building websites out of

Shouldn’t every website have this kind of focus?