The 5 Second Rule That Can Give You What You Want

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What do you want?

People are often dissatisfied with life as it is, but most of the time we seem incapable of changing.  For those of us who sometimes struggle to find the motivation to move toward our goals, the 5 Second Rule can help.  What do you want? Do you wish for an improved physique, a better job, more money, bigger love, deeper sense of peace, whatever? And how often do you actually do the things you know are necessary to do in order to get what you want?

Not often, right?

It’s our thought processes that cause a disconnect, that lead us to self-sabotage as we abandon our dreams.

Meet Mel

Mel Robbins has been a beloved and highly successful personal and professional coach for decades, and this TED talk shows why. “Stop screwing yourself over,” she says, getting straight to the point!

Because that’s what we do. We think we can wait until we feel like changing. Trouble is, if you wait until you feel like it, it’ll never happen.

Robbins says there are two sides to the brain: autopilot and the emergency brake. And when we're not on autopilot, the brain's first reaction is to hit the brakes. If something snaps me out of my habitual routine, do I jump right on it? Or do I hesitate for a few moments and end up deciding not to act?

One priceless trick: The 5 second rule

People have a basic human need to grow, and moving beyond autopilot is necessary for the exploration that brings growth. That means you have to allow yourself to change.

You may have tons of great ideas, but what will make you act on them?

In this video, Robbins shares the amazing tool called the "5 second rule" that can empower a person to move from a feeling of "stuckness," into actually achieving their heart’s desire.

It’s so simple (but it is not easy)! And it’s made a big, wonderful difference in my life. Watching this video, maybe you’ll be inspired to put that same fabulous trick to work for yourself.

This Simple Rule Changed My Life

Looking back, it seems I was incredibly lucky to stumble upon Mel’s liberating advice just before the pandemic crisis sent us all reeling.

Armed with the infinite inspiration the Rule affords me, I’ve been able to navigate 2020 – as well as other major life questions that have been bugging me – with confidence and huge enthusiasm. The past year has been so hard for most of us, though our challenges have also helpfully made clear the areas where our structures need improvement. It's obvious now that many of our old autopilot settings won’t cut it anymore.

I encourage you to check out the book to see how the Rule can work for you.

I've posted some follow-up thoughts related to the Rule, reflecting my evolving understanding and ongoing fascination with Living on the Edge and continually following inspiration.

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  • I found Mel Robbins very entertaining. Her 5-second rule is a good one.
    I call them “fly-by’s:” the moment something hits us, notice it or it’s gone! That’s the time to step up. When we take that small step, we allow for change and the entire universe aligns with us, bringing us more and more of what we want.

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