It wasn’t until seven years after my venture into entrepreneurship that I hired my first employee. While I was pretty lucky with the first few

How the North Star Method Can Facilitate your Hiring Practices

As you go through and experience life, you often reach different levels of understanding with each lesson you encounter. The process of learning and understanding

Living on the Edge: Letting Go of Expectation

A couple of times previously, I have mentioned the Winter Park 10K run.  That day, early last March, was a turning point for me.  So

Living Abundantly: Opening to the Intuitive Life

The 5 Second Rule has been centrally important to my thinking and life choices these days.  Looking back at an interaction that occurred before I

A Chance Encounter that Opened Up My World

​About a half-hour after President Kennedy was hit by two bullets, Walter Cronkite reported to a stunned nation:  "From Dallas, Texas, the flash, apparently official: 

Where attention goes, energy flows: Conspiracy or inspiration?

Inhale, exhale I had the recent experience of finding myself in two situations in a single day that were so alike I had to look

The 5 Second Rule Can Work Both Ways

This year, I started running more regularly, five days a week at least.  Running for me is always therapeutic.  It clears my head so well.

I feel it in my bones…