Living Abundantly: Opening to the Intuitive Life

A couple of times previously, I have mentioned the Winter Park 10K run.  That day, early last March, was a turning point for me.  So many of the various ideas and concepts that had been uplifting me recently suddenly seemed to come together in sharp focus.  I could see the potential for phenomenal things happening as I continued to open up to my inner intuitive sense.

Can't make this shit up!

As I tell this story, the actual moments of the race may not seem earth-shaking to you, but here’s what gives me goosebumps: that day it seemed to me that I saw unlimited possibilities everywhere I looked.

The only way I can describe the day of the race is to say it was an emotional roller coaster. From dealing with ankle pain; to feeling a loss of motivation during the race; to pushing past the exhaustion to turn on the backburners and finish strong, I perceived both the awesome power in listening to intuition, as well as the stifling result when I let fear block intuition.

Just because I said...

This year I discovered the power of the phrase “just because I said.” It is such a simple way of motivating change or setting intentions, and I am finding it incredibly useful. For example, I wanted to run an 8-minute mile; that was my stated goal, and just because I said it, I wanted to achieve it.

It helps me to be really clear with myself about the measurable goal I set for any task.  To a large extent, I can be my own accountability partner.  But receiving some help from others is often a great idea.  Running a 10K is a challenge, a metaphor for much in life.  I find that selecting another runner just ahead of me in the race, and keeping pace with that person, makes it easier for me to follow through.

Focused on Fluorescence

I’d chosen a couple of guys to follow as pacesetters in the Winter Park run, but they seemed to slow down quickly, so I looked around for someone else.  This time, I chose a woman in a fluorescent green jacket.  I chose her (I thought, at the time) because I was wearing fluorescent green sneakers.  It was actually an intuitive decision, though I was only vaguely conscious of that.

I followed the woman in the fluorescent jacket through the rest of the race (despite a quick delay when my ankle was squawking at me).  At one point, though, I began losing sight of her.  My alarm bells began clanging furiously.  I felt fatigued, and wondered if I needed to just slow down, or even quit.  It seems dramatic now, but losing sight of her felt like failure, like I had just let myself way down, like I just couldn’t win.

Then suddenly, pushing all fretting aside in a renewed burst of energy, I caught up with her.


I was overwhelmed with gratitude for her inspiration – even though she had no idea what she meant to me!

It was the thought of her, this stranger to whom I had pledged allegiance, that gave me the energy to finish the race.  It was a flow between me and my imagination, sure.  But more importantly, it was me allowing whispers of intuition to influence my thought and action, and to overrule fearful reluctance.  Allowing space for inspiration.

When I focus on the creative potential of the moment, instead of all the things keeping me from the goals I seek, the way to success is clarified. It’s obvious to me that if I want to serve more fully and meaningfully, being open to intuition increases my ability to pay it forward.

Where attention goes, energy flows.  It’s the basic rule of living abundantly. What we focus on, expands.

The rest of this story shows how that works from both sides.

The roller coaster continues

As we were nearing the finish line, I sped up.  I like to do this with every race – give it that final big push.  I noticed, though, that my running buddy did not speed up.  My first thought was to run up beside her and encourage her, give her a bit of cheerleading to charge full blast across the line. 

But when I came up in line with her, I saw she was looking down at the ground, focusing hard. Was she in pain? Was she tired? Should I interrupt her? Maybe I should leave her alone… Fear and doubt overcame me.

I stifled the impulse to speak to her, and succumbed to the fear in my head. I crossed the finish line happy with my speed but feeling miserable about quashing a clear and generous intuition. I saw how my qualms had made a hot mess of things.

After the race, I began to wonder if I should look for the fluorescent jacket in the crowd, or just forget about the whole thing.

Then I saw her! I approached and introduced myself, we got to chatting, and I related how she’d inspired me. Her name is Kim and I found her on Facebook later. She’s certainly getting the link to this post! I was so deeply touched by the help she’d given me, without even realizing it.

Here’s our impromptu photo showing off our twin fluorescence!

Loving my "new normal"

After this race, with its many boggling moments and connections, I was more convinced than ever that a “new normal” was evolving for me. In several ways, I touched the fear and moved through it, and the result was marvelous abundance.

Now a whole new life is opening up.  Part of that new life is continuing to ease open the portal to intuitive knowing.

Maybe I was emotional after the Winter Park run, but you would be too if you had just struck gold.

The gifts of inspiration are gold and much more.

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