I'm Mike Wozniak:

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What do children do 300 times a day to adults' 5 times?


To me, it’s so important to include fun and laughter in every project. If I don’t make you laugh, I'd like to at least make you smile!

On this site, and especially in these posts, you’ll see that I laugh often. So much is funny, when you get in the habit of perceiving that way. When you see how things come together with uncanny precision sometimes (even better than you could have hoped for)… the laugh is purely giving in to joy.

A goal of 300 laughs a day is pretty daunting, especially given the nature of the world we live in today, I’ll admit. But, as with your enterprises, incremental growth is the best path to success.

Read these posts for a laugh (or many chuckles anyway) to add to your happiness quotient!

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