My Plan B is to put a spin on a shortage

In times like these, a little bit of humor can go a long way. When everything seems so uncertain—and even a little bit scary—laughing at something silly can seem to lift you right back into a happier mindset. For example, I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of toilet paper at the grocery stores. I have so many questions, but the biggest one is this: who is taking all of the toilet paper?

Could you spare a square?

Since everyone is out of toilet paper, and it seems to be one of the hottest topics of conversation, a dear friend reminded me of this clip from an episode of Seinfeld. I think it is just perfect for where we are right now. Have you needed to ask any of your friends or neighbors to “spare a square?”

According to Google, this clip from Season 5, Episode 12 originally aired on January 6, 1994. Who would have thought that it would be so incredibly relevant to this shared experience we are having 16 years later?

"I'll even take one ply, just ONE PLY!"

I’m also sure you’ve noticed that what toilet paper is available is usually the stuff that feels more like sandpaper than “toilet tissue.” I can only imagine the amount of...friction that is causing between family members! In the video below, from the Carol Burnett Show, we can see what kind of family drama can ensue when there’s no access to soft toilet paper!

Another thought: is this what is going to happen when toilet paper stock goes back to normal? Will toilet paper be the newest way to send a quick message? 😛

I don't have toilet paper, but a tree does?

I recently went over to a park near my friend Debbie's house for a workout, and we noticed that someone had thrown a bit of toilet paper in one of the trees! With everyone dealing with this shortage, who would think to TP a park? We went over to check it out, but it turned out to be only one ply. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Why not choose a better perspective?

So how can I choose my perspective when it comes to dealing with a shortage of a necessary product? Years ago, I was turned on to the idea of using a bidet, and let me tell you - I don't know if I could ever go back! Even though it is currently unavailable at time of writing, I personally recommend this bidet. Trust me - it will definitely change your perspective. You will also save money on toilet paper! BONUS!

Just so you know: if you end up buying the bidet after using the link above, as an Amazon Associate, I may get a bit of a BONUS myself!

As I'm sure you'll agree, in these crazy times of quarantine, everyone could use a laugh. So why not send this post to someone who may be able to relate to one (or all) of these fun videos! 

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Mike Wozniak

  • I was looking at the reviews for the bidet you recommend, and I found this GEM:

    “No barnacles on this hull!

    I just got this today and my girlie bits love this!
    First things first, I have the Neo 120. Very easy install. My cat supervised. Directions super easy to understand even for those not mechanically inclined. One nozzle, one temperature. Apparently I have excellent water pressure because on the ‘maiden voyage’ I nearly blasted myself off the crystal ship and started laughing so hard I’m sure my apt. neighbor’s heard me. And that was on the LOW setting! I had concerns about the cold water, but it’s spring in NorCal and honestly, the cool water isn’t so bad. In summer I’m betting it will feel like a gift from the Gods! Ladies, you will need to adjust your seating position a smidge to get all the important parts clean. For bigger voyages be sure to ‘bear down’ to make sure you clean all the barnacles off the hull. You should have smooth sailing from here on out.”

  • Very funny! I currently have a square to spare and it’s 2-ply. Staying light hearted and grateful in challenging times opens us up to learn.

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