TaskRabbit: Gig Work for Mundane Tasks?

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Everyone needs a little help now and then. There are tasks around the home or office that require a bit of technical expertise. There are tasks that we don’t like to do, so we let procrastination have its way. Then there are the myriad tasks that we put off for multiple reasons, just because life is complicated.

No one likes unfinished work hanging over their head. You know your yard needs tending to, or your thrift shop donations are piling up in the garage, or that great Ikea desk you ordered is still waiting to be put together, but you’re so busy and preoccupied that you never seem to get around to it.

The result is a burden of guilt looming constantly in the background and subtly threatening your peace of mind. Not fun!

Here’s a simple, amazingly handy tool that will rescue you in short order. I’m talking about TaskRabbit. What a lifesaver when it comes to GTD (getting things done).

Here’s a little incentive for you to check out the awesomeness of TaskRabbit - $10 off your first Task if you use this link!

So How Does TaskRabbit Work?

Need a plumber today? Are you in the process of moving and could use some muscle? Is a deep clean in order for your kitchen? Want your new TV mounted on the wall? Are home repairs backlogged? Need someone to do your shopping or deliver parcels for you?

These and hundreds of other one-off tasks are the domain of TaskRabbit, which lets you research service providers in your area, select one, arrange for them to do the work, and even pay them when they have completed the assignment.

The “Taskers” registered with the app are local service providers who, because they freelance, may have limited advertising budgets. Without TaskRabbit, they would never cross your radar. Also, for me it’s a good feeling to connect with skilled individuals who are my neighbors. They are knowledgeable and more immediately available than big businesses. I support their hustle while they quickly and satisfactorily do the work for me. Talk about the benefits of buying local, huh?

It’s important to emphasize that this is not just a list of handymen/women. The variety includes online and web-based tasks, contactless delivery services, and - would you believe it?! – a Wait In Line task!

You’re Kidding! TaskRabbit will Wait in Line for Me?

Waiting in Line shown as a top Trending Project

Taskers list their services and as you browse the app you’ll be inspired by all the possibilities.

Hey, the world moves too fast for you to waste time waiting in line, right? Why not pay a proxy to hold your place till they reach the front of the queue? Waiting at restaurants or for an event or any such experience can be a frustrating waste of your energy. This service eliminates the problem.

I happen to be working right now on EnRoute,™ a new type of reservation system where you simply say "I'm on the way."  It uses proximity-based scheduling and is designed to help people cut down on waiting time. In fact, I recently asked the question, “Would you pay someone to wait in line?” According to TaskRabbit’s trends, it looks like that is exactly what some people would do!

What do you think? Please comment below or subscribe to my mailing list so you can track the development of the EnRoute system for live real time seating management.

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For more than 30 years, Mike Wozniak has used his passion for finding innovative ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses through the use of technology to redefine the way things are done. Mike is the founder of SoftwareKey.com, a cutting-edge software licensing technology provider, and the inventor of ArrivalOS™ and EnRoute™ by Floqque, a Predictive Queuing Platform. When he isn't working, he likes to travel and do burpees! Why do burpees on vacation? Just Because He Can!

Mike Wozniak

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