Blame it on The Pattern

A couple of weeks after getting back from vacation with one of my good friends, I was surprised to hear that she broke up with her boyfriend.  During our conversation about why she decided to end the relationship, she showed me updates from an astrology app called The Pattern.  I almost fell out of my chair when I read how accurately this app described not only her personality, but her (now ex-) boyfriend’s personality as well!  I had no idea of all the challenges she was experiencing in the relationship, but after reading what The Pattern had to say about their individual dynamics, I had a better understanding of how she came to the conclusion that the relationship wasn’t going to work.

Freakishly accurate...

Now that I’ve been using this app for about a year now, using the words “freakishly accurate” to describe The Pattern is an understatement.  I will share some of the incredible insights I have gained from this app in future blog posts.  In the meantime, I am writing this post mainly to explain what The Pattern is, and how it works.

Even though I was curious about The Pattern, I didn’t download it right away.  It wasn’t until it came up in conversation during a date that I decided to install it during dinner.  After entering in my information, I went out on a limb and read my “Ideal Relationship” pattern to my date.  I was shocked at how perfectly it pegged my ideas about relationships.

What is The Pattern app?

According to The Pattern’s website, the app was created “to help inspire consciousness and empathy on a global level, to help people feel seen, understood, and connect in a deeper way.”  Let me tell you, I think they hit the nail on the head!

All you need to get started with The Pattern is your birth date, location, and exact time.  Don’t know the exact time you were born?  Call your mom, check your baby book, or even look at your birth certificate!  You may not be able to get the exact time, but try to be as accurate as possible.  Once you put in this information, The Pattern will show you:

  • Patterns (or traits) that are present during your lifetime
  • Cycles you may be going through (both personal and global, with start and end dates)
  • What the app identifies/associates with your personality from an astrological perspective

What does The Pattern say about me?

Two of my patterns are “Exciting & Inspiring” and “Open Your Heart & Be of Service.”  You can then tap on the individual patterns to read more about what they mean.  The full description of the patterns can get pretty long, but a quick summary of “Exciting & Inspiring” is below:

You’re intended to approach your work and public life intuitively and with a sense of adventure.  Your mind should be allowed to roam freely and tackle many tasks and challenges.  Obstacles won’t be an issue for you - but stagnation may be; you need variety and change in your routine.  You shouldn’t feel obligated to stay in one career; you thrive when forced to adapt.  You’re driven by idealism and a search for truth, rather than material and conventional goals.  Ideally, you answer to nobody and there are no strings attached.

I ran this by a couple of close friends and they nodded their head and agreed, “That’s You!”

Well, what else can it do?

In addition to telling you some spookily-accurate trends and traits about yourself, you can also designate a romantic partner, specifying whether it is an established or a newly-budding relationship.  The Pattern will analyze both of your profiles and let you know what it perceives to be your biggest challenge(s) in the relationship, shared patterns, and how you are most/least alike.

Don't believe in all this astrology stuff?

That’s okay!  You don’t really have to believe in astrology to have fun with The Pattern.  Do I believe that when and where we were born defines every facet of our personality, or whether or not a relationship will work out?  No, not really.  But exploring this app feels like a real-life application of remaining open to inspiration and intuition as it comes to me.

Not everything from The Pattern is always spot on.  Sometimes, I hear from people who say that something in their pattern doesn’t accurately reflect who they are presently.  This might be a trait they have previously grown through, or something that they have briefly experienced in the past, but no longer occurs frequently in their life.  Alternatively, sometimes a notification will come through exactly when I need to see it

So why not give it a try?  I would be surprised to hear you tell me that there is nothing you find interesting in your pattern.  I have lost track of the number of times I have gotten goosebumps from reading what my pattern has to say about me.

I’m sure you’ll hear more on this topic in future blog posts.  I actually have a couple in the works already!  Until then, if you want to try out the app for yourself, use the buttons below to download it to your phone.

Links to Mobile App

Here are the links to get The Pattern for your smartphone.

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Mike Wozniak

  • Mike piqued my interest when he first mentioned The Pattern to me. So I installed it on my phone. Fascinating! For me, it mostly speaks to the growth I have brought into my life; for the first time, I found myself seeing who I was when much younger and the shifts I have created, becoming the me I am now. Wow – what a personal pat on the back! I find the world trends helpful, although so far, mostly in retrospect. What fun I am having with this app!

  • I had to wait for The Pattern to become available on Google Play, but I downloaded it as soon as I was able and was not disappointed. I am not always able to relate to the descriptions, but it does hit the nail on the head when it comes to my connections with friends on the app. It’s weird to find comfort in the validation that comes from this app, and it is just showing me that I can trust my instincts when it comes to people in my life.

  • I was regularly using another astrology app that I really loved, when Mike showed me The Pattern. I downloaded it immediately, but still held on to my older app because I was skeptical. With how timely the daily updates seem to be, I deleted my old app and haven’t looked back since. The Pattern is definitely on to something!

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