Mike really goes the extra mile!

Chris Rosencutter

Meca Enterprises, Inc. // Owner

Mike really goes the extra mile!

"I didn't expect Mike to become our coach—I didn't even realize I needed one—but I did. I couldn't have asked for a better coach; he's damn good at it."

Chris Rosencutter is the owner of Meca Enterprises Inc., an engineering company that develops software for steel stack design, wind load calculations, and lifting lug design, as well as offering engineering services on a variety of process equipment. Meca Enterprises first started using the SoftwareKey System back in 2007, but it wasn’t until September of 2018 that Chris and I began working more closely.

After Chris saw the coaching results, he felt the urge to share his experiences with other business owners who may be considering working with a coach. I am always excited to hear how clients’ businesses are thriving as a result of our hard work together and am honored to have been a part of Meca’s ongoing success.

Mike kept our project moving along

Our company has been using the SoftwareKey System since 2007 to protect the software we sell, and we have found SoftwareKey to be an exceptional company. The team is very responsible, helpful, and professional.
We contracted SoftwareKey to help us with an integration project between their system and our CRM software, Infusionsoft. We had no idea what we were getting into, and we had completely over-simplified what we thought was involved. Thankfully, Mike Wozniak stepped in, took complete ownership of the project, and guided us through every step of the process. He is so smart, but can simplify things so that it is easy to understand. I know he must be a busy guy, but he found the time to keep our project moving along and made sure we understood every step of the process.
Beyond the integration, Mike went the extra mile in helping us in all aspects of our business. He candidly shared with us things he had learned in his business, and saved us countless hours by helping us avoid going down the wrong path. He got into the weeds, understood our business, and managed to make sense of the chaos. I didn’t expect Mike to become our coach—I didn’t even realize I needed one—but I did. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach; he’s damn good at it.

Following up one year later...

Despite the COVID-19 shutdowns, we have seen an increase of about 25% in sales from our 2019 YTD numbers. We feel very blessed.
I think our boost in sales is partially due to the things Mike taught us. We are keeping prospects more engaged through our marketing automation, and have adopted an evergreen nurture campaign modeled after Mike’s. While the thought of creating new content can be daunting, we are now getting to the point where we have a lot of useful content that is on our site and working for us. It is giving us more ways that customers can find us through search, and I find myself answering questions by simply referring customers to a pre-existing article that discusses that very topic in detail. It’s been great. 
I am glad to hear that Mike is expanding his technology coaching business. When the time comes for me to engage with a technology coach again, I’ll know exactly who to call.

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