I'm Mike Wozniak:

I help businesses find creative ways to use technology to maximize effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability.

30 years of mistakes? Yep, and 30 years of learning to share!

In the 30 years since I founded what is now SoftwareKey.com, I've learned a lot about running a successful software business, and I've helped countless individuals and businesses improve their software licensing strategy and use of technology.

Employees of my 30-year-old software company would say I am full of good ideas. Yet until this year, I always thought inspiration was accidental - that I had no control in making it work for me.

I’ve worn many hats around my business. I’ve worked with all sorts of coaches who have helped with my personal and professional growth, from athletic coaches to business coaches to an amazing long-time life coach. I'm excited to pass on to you what I’ve learned in order to grow your business!

Learn ways to use technology that will result in maximum returns for your business

Join me for inspiration and practical tools to uplift both your business and your life.