Customer Profile: Follow the Path of Least Resistance

Customers who make choices based on convenience

Have you had any of the following conversations?

Regina said she chose her nail salon because she was driving past and there were no other cars out front.

Alex once told me that even though he doesn’t really love the haircuts at a local bargain salon, he goes there because he can use an app to get on the waitlist before he leaves home.

Leah said that despite there being several local pizza places near her neighborhood, she often ordered online from a chain because she was too stressed to talk on the phone.

Corey told me he was thrilled when a gas station opened across the street from an existing gas station because it meant he no longer had to make a left turn across traffic to get gas on his commute.

Sarah said that after she had a baby, she switched from her favorite coffee shop to a chain with drive thru service.

Adrien shops at a more expensive supermarket because the larger, less expensive store’s parking lot is a nightmare.

What do all of my friends have in common? They all made these purchasing decisions with convenience as a priority! These customers have a need for a product or service, but they want to meet that need in the easiest way possible.

All Convenience All the Time?

Now, most people are not convenience customers all the time. When a customer chooses you for convenience the first time, you have an opportunity to gain their loyalty by satisfying other values like great service or high quality.

For example, Regina had no plans to make that convenient salon her go-to location, but the great service she received that one time convinced her to become a regular. If Alex has an important meeting or event coming up, he’s going to make an appointment at a higher quality salon. When Leah has less stress and more time, she always calls the local pizzeria. When Sarah’s old coffee shop launched an app offering curbside pickup, she switched back.

On the flip side, Corey and Adrien are probably sticking with their more convenient choices, because convenience really is the driving value in those decisions.

Offering Convenience is an Opportunity for Business Owners

As a business owner, what can you do with the customer who values convenience?
The first thing to do is to assess your business and really think about what makes you the most convenient option. Do you have an app that allows people to communicate with you, order, or make an appointment? Are you open during hours that your competitors are closed or accessible from major roads? Do you offer something supplemental to your main product or service that makes life easier for your customers?

What are the things that make it really easy to do business with you? Once you match your conveniences to what customers value, get the word out with targeted marketing.

Marketing on your convenience features doesn’t have to be everywhere, but it should be where the people who value it will notice. A great example of this is restaurant billboards on highways that give directions to their location from the next exit. For your business, create incentives for customers to share your app or refer customers. Make sure your convenience features are part of your social media content schedule, too. I’d love for you to share in the comments other things you’ve done to highlight the most convenient aspects of your business.

Just make sure you don’t get complacent as the convenience provider! Remember, if someone is choosing you for convenience, you have an opportunity to turn them into a loyal customer.

  • Make sure whatever makes you convenient actually works. Glitchy apps or failure to provide advertised services will completely sabotage the customer experience.
  • Turn convenience into loyalty with great value, friendly service, high quality, and a genuine interest in your client’s needs.
  • Add features that enhance the customer experience and make you more competitive.

If you’re a service provider looking for your convenience hook to gain loyal customers, my newest technology innovation may be exactly what you need. Head over to to check out my patent-pending concept that is adding a whole new level of convenience to the service industry, from restaurants, to salons, to tours, to medical providers.

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