As you go through and experience life, you often reach different levels of understanding with each lesson you encounter. The process of learning and understanding

Living on the Edge: Letting Go of Expectation

A couple of times previously, I have mentioned the Winter Park 10K run.  That day, early last March, was a turning point for me.  So

Living Abundantly: Opening to the Intuitive Life

The 5 Second Rule has been centrally important to my thinking and life choices these days.  Looking back at an interaction that occurred before I

A Chance Encounter that Opened Up My World

​About a half-hour after President Kennedy was hit by two bullets, Walter Cronkite reported to a stunned nation:  "From Dallas, Texas, the flash, apparently official: 

Where attention goes, energy flows: Conspiracy or inspiration?

This year, I started running more regularly, five days a week at least.  Running for me is always therapeutic.  It clears my head so well.

I feel it in my bones…

As I’m sure you know, I love to travel.  I have a map hanging in my hallway on which I place a pushpin to track

If I can’t visit Liechtenstein, at least I can talk to someone there!

In a recent post, I introduced my new friends, Frank and his family of floaters. When I met Frank, I knew I had a choice

A trick to Breathe easier while wearing masks

For every single one of us, life has recently thrown a major coronavirus curve.  None of us expected to face such a strangely distracting (if

A Perfect Boat in a Perfect Storm